save us

O Spirit of Jesus, we need Thee.  Every morning, noon, and night we need Thee.  To change this world out of its wretchedness into Thy gladness we need Thee.  Oh, come with Thy great power.  It was to the great hearts, t0 the world-minded, that Thou didst promise Thy presence; “Go ye into all the world,” Thou didst say, “and lo, I am with you always.”  Save us from ourselves, from our narrow nationalism, from mere sectarianism; save us for Thy kingdom.  Save us for the world-wide brotherhood.  Save us for Thyself.  Save us to be stewards of Thy grace.


-Ralph Cushman, Pocket Prayer Book, 1941


dinner guest

Be present at our table, Lord!
Be here and everywhere adored.
Your mercies bless, and grant that we
May feast in fellowship with Thee.