Good Stuff

The Paraclete Book of Hospitality
Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art
Seeing is Believing: Experience Jesus through Imaginative Prayer
Anatomy of the Soul
The Confident Woman: Finding Quiet Strength in a Turbulent World
The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and “Women’s Work”
Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
The Practice of the Presence of God
The Book of Common Prayer
Evolving in Monkey Town
Dark Night of the Soul
Mother Teresa’s No Greater Love
Tokens of Trust
Out of the Silent Planet (and the rest of the cosmic trilogy)
Mere Christianity
Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church
The Language of God
The Reason for God: In an Age of Skeptisicm
Beholding the Beauty of the Lord: Praying with Icons
Sit, Walk, Stand
More with Less
The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind
The Great Divorce
Cold Tangerines
The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate
What the Light was Like: Poems
The Hidden Art of Homemaking
What’s So Amazing About Grace
Words About God
I and Thou
Beholding the Glory: Incarnation Through the Arts
Almost Amish
Serve God, Save the Planet
Go Green, Save Green
The Cost of Discipleship
The Consumer Detox
My Sisters the Saints
Small Talk
Hannah Coulter
Imitations of Christ
The Liturgical Year
Present Perfect
Found:A Story of Questions, Grace, Everyday Prayer
The Celtic Way of Prayer
The Soul of Shame
To Dance with God
Prayers for the Domestic Church

First Things
Image Journal: Art, Faith, Mystery
The Painted Prayerbook
Q: Ideas for the Common Good
Rachel Held Evans
Everyday Liturgy: Thoughts for the Other Six Day
Elizabeth Ester
A Holy Experience: Because God has Burning Bushes Everwhere
A Deeper Story: Tales of Christ and Culture
Shauna Niequist
Hope Heals
The Trinity Forum
A Slice of Infinity
The Seedbed Daily Text
Art House America

Red Letter Christians
Washington Institue for Faith, Vocation & Culture
The Work of the People
Mere Orthodoxy

Wendell Kimbrough
Josh Garrels
Miriam Jones
Andrew Peterson
Sara Groves
Indelible Grace
Aaron Niequist
Rise O Buried Lord
Charlie Peacock
Sara Watkins
Indelible Grace
Sufjan Stevens
The Vespers
Young Oceans
Over The Rhine
Sandra McCracken



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