Christ’s Cross

Christ’s Cross over this face, and thus over my ear. ┬áChrist’s Cross over these eyes…this mouth…this throat…the back of this head…this side…to accompany before me…to accompany behind me…Christ’s Cross to meet every difficulty both on hollow and on hill…Christ’s Cross over my community. Christ’s Cross over my church. ┬áChrist’s Cross in the next word. ┬áChrist’s Cross in this world.

-10th Century Celtic Prayer (Micha Boyett, Found)

st. patrick’s breastplate

CHRIST be with me.
Christ within me.

Christ behind me.
Christ before me.

Christ beside me.
Christ to win me.

Christ to comfort
and restore me.

Christ beneath me.
Christ above me.

Christ in quiet,
Christ in danger.

Christ in hearts of
all that love me.

CHRIST in mouth of
friend and stranger.