kitchen Eucharist

A biscuit saved from breakfast
washed down by two gulps of juice
makes a quick, kitchen Eucharist.
Casserole for a choir bakes in the great glass pan,
noodles and gravy gently bubbling their prayers.
I peer into the oven’s hot, orange mouth,
and my eyeglass lenses cloud over with steam.
Quilt-mittened, I remove the evening’s
hot concoction:
an offering to you of savory incense,
your gift to us of sustenance.

-Paraclete  Book of Hospitality


a prayer for hospitality

Dear gracious and loving God,
Help me see what I don’t sometimes see.
Show me needs and how I might meet them.
Give me your love in extraordinary measure,
And then guide me how and where to express it.
When I share my table,
my home,
or my life,
bless me with your bounty.
For what I have is yours;
and what I give to others
Is you.


-The Paraclete Book of Hospitality