teach me how to pray

O Lord,
I know not what I should ask of thee.
Thou only knowest what I want;
and Thou lovest me better than I can love myself.
O Lord, give to me, Thy child, what is proper,
whatsoever it may be.
I dare not ask either crosses or comforts.
I only present myself before Thee.
I open my heart to Thee.
Behold my wants, which I am ignorant of;
but do Thou behold and do according to Thy mercy.
Smite or heal! Depress or raise me up.
I adore all Thy purposes without knowing them.
I am silent. I offer myself in sacrifice.
I abandon myself to Thee. I have no more any desire
but to accomplish Thy will.
Lord, teach me how to pray.
Dwell Thou Thyself in me by Thy Holy Spirit.


-Fenelon 1651-1715


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