i am…

I am one of his disciples
I am one who bears his name 
I am one of Satan’s rivals
I am one and I am unashamed

I am orphan made a daughter
I am a harlot made a wife
I’m a poor man called to dinner
I am a stranger recognized

Oh I am the image of a hidden glory 
Yes I am danced over died for willingly
Oh I am the keeper of a coming kingdom
and hallelujah I am home to coming King

I am one of his defiers
I am one of his runaways
I have fought him to the wire
And I have cursed him to his face
But I am one who he has pardoned
I am one who knows his grace
Though the world my heart would harden
His love avows to keep it safe

-Miriam Jones, listen here: I am one


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