Patience is waiting.
Patience is waiting, is Advent.
Patience is waiting for a child to be born.
Patience is the love of God.
Patience is a slow-blooming flower,
modest and full of promise.
Patience knows how to be sill and silent.
Patience is gentle and sweet.
Patience understands the beauty of quiet inner growth that cannot be hurried.
Patient chases away pressures and stress.
Patience can never be overwhelmed.
Patience teaches the art of living with unfulfilled desires.
Patience is serene and tranquil.
Patience is a motherly virtue.
Patience is winter waiting for spring.
Patience is the thawing of a frozen heart.
Patience is taking one step at a time.
Patience is renouncing control.
Patience is running with perseverance the race.
Patience does not seek rest, it provides rest.
Patience is our reserve fuel when the tank runs empty.
It will carry us safely to our destination.
Patience is fasting.
Patience is starting allover.
Patience is rejoicing on a Monday morning.
Patience is the continuous process of uncluttering whats around you and inside you.
Patience is committing yourself in faith to God’s plan for you.
Patience is longing without receiving.
Patience creates rom where there is no room.
Patience creates time where there is no time.
Patience keeps on striving without tangible results.
Patience is potty-trainging my down syndrome daughter Margaret.
Patience keeps on praying.
Patience keeps on keepin’ on.
Patience is living an ocean away.
Patience is looking for a lost treasure.
Patience is living with a deceitful heat.
Patience is living with unanswered questions.

The eyes of Christ are patient.

-Ingrid Trobisch, The Confident Woman


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