simple prayer

“One simple way to move from the mind to heart is by slowly saying  a prayer with as much attentiveness as possible.  This may sound like offering a crutch to someone who asks you to heal his broken leg.

The truth, however, is that a prayer, prayed from the heart, heals.

When you know the Our Father, the Apotsles’ Creed, the “Glory Be to the Father” by heart, you have something to start with.  You might like to learn by heart the Twenty-third Psalm: “The Lord is my shepherd…” or Paul’s words about love to the Corinthians or St Francis’ prayer: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…”

As you lie in your bed, drive your car, wait for the bus, or walk your dog, you can slowly let the words of one of these prayers go through your mind simply trying to listen with your whole being to what they are saying.  You will be constantly distracted by your worries, but if you keep going back o the words of the prayer, you will gradually discover that your worries become less obsessive and that you really start to enjoy praying.  And as the prayer descends from your mind into the centre of your being you will discover it healing power.”

-Henri Nouwen, Here and Now


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