It started in a garden.
The Father’s agenda reigned.
Fullness of Life.

Fruit on a tree grew plump
and a lie entered with a hiss.
Darkness’ agenda spilled out
like a cup overturned.

The lush space now empty.
Exiled and saddened.
No longer able to enter.
Cut off.

A second garden.
Sweating blood and another hiss.
The Father’s agenda reclaimed.
Love that fosters Life.

A second tree.
The fruit of salvation displayed
for the world to observe at noon.
Death turned into Life.
Darkness’ agenda overturned.

A second empty space.
Alleluia, for the stone is rolled away.
‘Why do you look for the living
among the dead?’

A third garden.
Look around and see the fertile ground
desperately needing Life to spring forth.
Trees thirsty for living water,
needing wisdom to live, grow.
See the empty hearts,
hollow eyes?

Give us strength to fill them.
Fill them with the story
of the garden, tree,
and empty tomb.

Fill them with Life, Lord.
Cultivate the garden anew.

-MCS, 2013


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