eternal weight of glory

Now the days and hours and moments
Of our suff’ring seem so long;
And the toilsome wait and wond’ring
Threaten silence to our song.
Now our pain is real and pressing 
Where our faith is thin and weak, 
But our hope is set on Jesus; 
And we cling to him, our strength.
Oh eternal weight of glory! 
Oh inheritance divine! 
We will see our Lord redeeming 
Every past and future time. 
All our pains will be transfigured, 
Like the scars of Christ our Lord. 
We will see the weight of glory, 
And our broken years restored. 
For behold! I tell a myst’ry:
At the trumpet sound we’ll wake
“Death is swallowed up in vict’ry!”
When we meet our King of Grace
Every year we thought was wasted
Every night we cried “How long?”
All will be a passing moment
In our Savior’s vict’ry song
We will see our wounded Savior.
We’ll behold him face to face;
And we’ll hear our anguished stories 
Sung as vict’ry songs of grace. 

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